More About Ben

Prairie Rim Images is owned by Ben Hollingsworth. I'm a freelance photographer specializing in fine art, commercial, event, candid, and product photography.  Although I have shot weddings and posed portraits, that's not really my niche.  I'm based in Lincoln, Nebraska -- home of the conference-hopping Huskers.

Who am I?  I'm a tinkerer -- a died-in-the-wool engineer.  I fix things.

I program computers for a living.  I hold a masters degree in computer science, specializing in image processing.  I spend my free time building Jeeps for 4-wheeling, remodeling our 120-year-old house, making antique camera gear usable in today's digital world, and all while striving to be the best husband and father I can be.  I also do lots of volunteer work around town.  Much of that is for our church, whether it's building shelves, providing wall art, mentoring other photographers, or teaching pre-school kids.  I was raised on an acreage near Lincoln, I gained an appreciation for God's creation and the little details that most people pass by in their busy lives.  I grew up in a family of artists where creativity was always encouraged, and my Dad and all of my brothers (there's four of us) currently make some percentage of our living from our artwork.  I prefer to shoot with Canon digital bodies mated to a variety of old, manual lenses (my oldest camera dates from the 1930's and belonged to my great-grandfather). I view photography as a creative outlet, and try to bring a little something different to the photos I make.

This blog will contain a variety of photographic subjects.  There will be plenty of DIY tips, tutorials on various techniques, highlights of recent outings I've shot, and suggestions for projects to stretch your creativity and skills with a camera.  You can get a little taste of this by visiting my old photography site at  I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions, so don't be shy about sharing yours in the comments portion below each post.

I had a great turnout for my show at the Grand Manse gallery earlier this year. If you are interested in having me display and/or sell my work in your venue -- whether it be an art gallery, coffee shop, or office lobby -- please contact me.